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From:   Isabel Calip
Batch:   GS 1970
E-mail Address:
Message:  am Maria Isabel M. Calip.  I studied at IHMC from 1968 to 1973. From grade II to 1st year HS. My batchmates are Christna Hipe, Tina de Veyra, Annabelle Bajarias etc.. How do I join the Alumni Association?
I've tried searching on line but I am taken to a multiply site where I saw photos.  But there are no membership applications.  Please assist.  Thanks so much.

From:  Joe Ferreria

Batch:  GS 1970
E-mail Address:
Message: I was enrolled in the School from Grade 1 to 4. They do not allow boys to continue to Grade 5 and 6 thus I had to transfer. My two sisters Alicia and Ramona Ferreria both graduated in IHMC high school. Can I be part of your alumni association. Thanks 

From:  Julita Reyes
Batch:  GS 1960
E-mail Address:
Message:  I am looking for classmates, Edna and Libertad del Rosario. I am based in California. Hope I hear from someone in my class. Thanks.

From:  Bernadette Castillo
Batch:  HS 1980
E-mail Address:
Message:  I would like to get in touch with my old friends and classmates. Be updated and get in touch again.

From:  Eleonor Abiad Escuadro
Batch:  HS 1987
E-mail Address:
Message:  I love this idea. I have been looking for any information on any alumni or highschool reunions for years. This is great to catch up on friends from highschool and help out the needs of IHMC.

From:  Tessie Arceo
Batch:  HS 1963
E-mail Address:
Message:  It would be nice to hear from classmates or schoolmates.

From:  Lynn Remo-Vanneman
Batch:  HS 1988
E-mail Address:
Message: Hello, I would have graduated in 1988, I moved to the US. Am trying to get in touch with anyone who graduated in 1988.

From:  Ma. Marivic Salonga
Batch:  HS 1981
E-mail Address:
Message:   Hi to all my friends and classmates especially my highschool best friend Margarita Gonzales i lost contact with her, i hope you can help me. I'm now living in The Netherlands. All the best! 

From:  Bernie
Batch:  HS 1980
E-Mail Address:
Message:  hello, anybody from the old school??? anybody remember me??? i miss you all, but being here in davao makes it kinda impossible to drop by just like that. love and regards to all.

Name: Imelda Gabat Abad
Batch:  College 1968

E-mail Address:
Message:  want to get contact with my high school classmates & college classmates

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