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The Board of Directors of the IHMCAA established the Alumni Awards and Recognitions to recognize the accomplishments of members of the alumni community.

The program goals and objectives are managed by the Alumni Awards Committee of the Board of Directors. The Membership & Awards Committee reviews all submitted nominating information and selects those alumni which it believes best meet the criteria of each award. Those selections are then presented to the Board of Directors of the IHMCAA.

Official recognition is given during the Annual Alumni Homecoming held on the month of February.  The application deadline is a minimum of 30 days prior to the Annual Homecoming.

Distinguished Alumnus Award
The Distinguished Alumnus Award is given to the individuals who have, throughout their lives, best utilized their knowledge, initiative and individuality in public service to the School, the public or his/her profession.  It recognizes an alumnus who has distinguished himself/herself in either a professional or humanitarian capacity on a national or international level.  This recognition will be given upon the recommendation of the Board.

Outstanding Alumnus Award

The Outstanding Alumnus Award recognizes an alumnus whose excellence in professional practice, community service, academic performance, leadership endeavors and other accomplishments that merits special notice.

Leadership Award

The Leadership Award recognizes an alumnus who has attained distinction as leaders in their professions while exemplifying the values taught by IHMC.

Presidential Leadership Award

The Presidential Leadership Award is conferred to an alumnus for distinguished achievements as servant leader nationally or internationally.

Alumni Hall of Honor

The Alumni Hall of Honor recognizes alumni for their unselfish devotion and service to IHMC and the IHMCAA.  A minimum of four (4) awardees will be presented annually.  Officers and directors of the IHMC Alumni Association Board of Directors are not eligible for selection until two years after they leave the board. Previous recipients of the Distinguished Alumnus Award are not eligible.

Nomination Form


Christina Ynaes-Tallent, MDM                 Medicine
Hilda Gansico-Diokno                            Civil Service
Maria Fatima Rowena Rosita S. Papa       Travel & Tourism
Ma. Regina E. Reyes                              Broadcast Communication
Teresita Samortin-de Guia, MD               Medicine
Imelda Ilagan-Endriga                            Social Justice
Christina Manalo-Bautista                       Economics and Research
Nympha Zabanal                                   Information Technology