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Date Sent: October 29, 2008
Name: Aranzazu B Nacu
Year Graduated High School 1966
Email Address:

Comments & Feedbacks:
I am searching for former classmates who studied at IHMC from 1957 till 1966, with special friends like the Blue Marianettes and the Quiroz Family. So far, we are in close contact with quite a number of classmates, belonging to Class '66, here in Los Angeles as well as those in the east coast and in Canada. Please email me anytime. If you will recall, my name is specially different from many you've come across in your life, the name is ARANZAZU aka Ranzy. Take care and God bless.

Date Sent: October 30, 2008
Name: Vanessa Hamor
Year Graduated High School 1988
Email Address:

Comments & Feedbacks:
It's nice to know that we Inmacorditas have a website now and an active alumni association. May I suggest that the registration be made easier especially for those who are residing now abroad. There are alot of graduates who might like to register and contribute to our alma mater. And hopefully go back and do some medical mission.

Date Sent: September 19, 2008
Name: Helene Imperial
Year Graduated High School 1982
Email Address:

Comments or Feedbacks:
It's so nice to reconnect with old classmates and see the past homecoming events. Hope I can catch up through email since I'm out of the country.


Date Sent: October 17, 2008
Name: Cynthia Bernal-Calosing
Year Graduated High School 1983
Email Address:

Comments or Feedbacks:
for batch 1983....let us keep on holding tight and keep the chain of love stronger always for us to celebrate life forever!!!


Date Sent: November 6, 2008
Name: Aurea Lising-Heikkila
Year Graduated: High School 1972
Email Address:

Comments & Feedbacks:
I would like to get involved with the alumni homecoming in Feb. 2009. I am currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. I am married with 2 grown children Alvi and Aina. Professionally, I am a registered nurse and graduated here in Vancouver. I left the Philippines at the age of 19. My husband of 29 years is Topi Heikkila, from Finland and has been to the Philippines twice. It will be of great pride for me to introduce my family to my background, my Alma Mater, my friends and my root. I also take great pride in being a graduate and loyal student of IHMC. I congratulate you for this very informative and beautiful website.


Date Sent: January 02, 2009
Name: Nora Ramos-Mangunay, M.D.
Year Graduated: High School 1965
Email Address: /

Comments or Feedbacks:

Hello, I finally found my way back to one of my early cherished "home and family, the IHMC" which partly shaped me for who I am and what I've become today. I belong to the famous and highly spirited class of 1965. Who would have thought that it was 44 years ago. I still feel like that young girl hanging out with the "Jolly 9" under the camachile trees in the back of the school singing "SWAK" (Sealed with a kiss) just before the summer breaks until the pesky "higads" start falling on us and we'd scamper off in all different many sweet memories. I have lost touch with everyone, except fot Eleanor Santiano a few years back from through email. I see our class rep is Belen Abuel-Sim who is one of the Jolly 9. I look forward to hearing from anyone in my class or others who know me. I wish to get involved in the alumni network and to give back to the IHMC family who has given me not only the best memories of my youth, my strong values, and having been in the States for almost 30 years now as a Child and Adolescent psychiatrist,I can say that my IHMC elementary and high school education is one world class learning experience. Till then.


Date Sent: December 30, 2008
Name: Shella Salazar
Honorary Member: High School 1986-1988
Email Address:

Comments or Feedbacks:

Thanks. I enjoyed the website. Well done.