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The Inmacordista News-Magazine was launched in February 2007 as High School Class 1982’s Batch Legacy & Endowment to IHMC and to the Alumni Community.  From the conception to its final print, HS Class 1982 took it upon themselves to fund this project thru personal contributions and solicitations by means of ad placements.

Our purpose in publishing the news-magazine is to provide the alumni community a medium to connect and re-connect with their alma mater and classmates making it possible for all Inmacordistas to come together and do work that will continue to inspire, contribute to the community and to be thoughtful and responsible citizens as we remain focused on fulfilling our roles as servants to the poor.

HS Class 1982, thru its Founding Editors, has conferred to IHMCAA the entire concept of the Inmacordista News-Magazine as this will officially be a great source to generate funds thru ad placements in order to support the projects of the Alumni Association while we continue to administer the Editorial & Publishing Group.

Our fervent appeal is for all alumni not only protect the integrity of the Inmacordista News-Magazine but uphold the name INMACORDISTA, a brand, we shall always be proud of. 

We pass on to you the Implementing Guidelines that will serve as a reminder especially to those who aspire to be part of the Inmacordista News-Magazine.

Let it be known that the objectives of the news-magazine are: first and foremost, to showcase the projects and activities of the IHMC Alumni Association; and  feature alumni who have done commendable works and services to their profession, community and country that they may serve as inspiration to fellow Inmacordistas.  In no way should the Inmacordista News-Magazine be used for personal glorification.

Signed:  Founding Editors

 Ma. Rosalind B. Roxas / Ma. Caroline Roxas-delos Trinos / Ma. Cheryl L. Guirnalda


The Inmacordista News-Magazine is an annual publication released during the annual homecoming.

The IHMCAA, thru the Inmacordista News-Magazine, supports the overall vision-mission, goals and objectives of IHMC as it showcases the current activities and thrusts of IHMC and IHMCAA and highlights the personal side of each batch celebrating their jubilee.

It also features alumni who have done us proud thru their works that could be a source of inspiration especially to the younger generation. Relying on the fact that whatever their paths, their IHMC education has enriched their lives and the lives of people around them.  

These are alumni whose works and services have contributed positive impact not only in their respective workplaces but in their communities and the country as well.

The magazine is also a venue to rekindle old friendships and ties and create new ones.

THE COVER MATERIAL & MAIN STORY vary depending on the thematic title of the alumni homecoming.


SPECIAL FEATURES are stories, events and other happenings gathered during the year

REGULAR FEATURES are the stories of the Jubilarian Batches - The Batch Host is entitled to a maximum of 15 regular pages or could be more depending on the number of advertising pages solicited by their class.  The rest of the Batches celebrating their Jubilee are entitled to 2 free pages. 

REGULARS feature stories and highlights of the IHMCAA Annual Events (Feasts of St. Louise de Marillac and St. Vincent de Paul, Seniors’ Career Talk, Operation Shoebox and the Annual Alumni Homecoming Celebration)

Size:                 9” x 12”
Paper:              C2S 80, inside page / C2S 220, Cover Page
Others:             Full color, perfect binding



The INMACORDISTA NEWS-MAGAZINE Editorial & Publishing Committee has developed suggested guidelines to help members submit their news and featured articles and photographs in a format that is most compatible with digital publishing requirements. Following the guidelines will help ensure accuracy and improve photo quality in the magazine. However, please note that these are just suggestions.   We will continue to accept articles in longhand or typewritten form. 


Materials for NEWS GALLERY, SNAPSHOTS, RANDOM THOUGHTS, IN MEMORIAM, PROUDLY INMACORDISTA Presents… may be submitted through the IHMCAA email address:
Or, submit single-spaced text in Word or a similar word processing format. Use only common fonts such as Times New Roman or Arial and avoid headers and footers.
If mailing your article, please send the text in PC format on a CD along with a printout.
Emailed articles will be accepted as text attachments following the guidelines mentioned above. Please AVOID typing your article directly into an email message, which results in many extra spaces and those pesky carets (> >).

Your articles may have to be edited for length and clarity prior to publication. Please furnish your name, address, phone/fax number and e-mail address with your submission.


Photograph Submission: If mailing photographs, please indicate your name on the back of every photograph you submit. It is best if you fill out a label and attach it to the back of the photograph. If you use ink be sure it is smear-proof (not ballpoint) and dries thoroughly.

Furnish photographer's credits and caption information. Each caption should explain who, what, when, where and other appropriate information.

Please avoid using paperclips on photos.

Photos in black and white, sepia, or colored are acceptable. Digital photos should be taken at the camera's highest resolution setting. Many digital cameras take photos at a default resolution that may look great on your computer screen but will be fuzzy in print.

Manually set your camera resolution to "Fine" or "Best Quality" (check your manual for specific settings).

If you are scanning a photo, the setting should be at 300 dpi. If the photo is very small, please enlarge to 200 percent and scan at 600 dpi. We will adjust photos for color and crop for size, as needed, for publication.

Do not submit photos copied from a newspaper, magazines or books or are reproduced on a copier. They will not work in the magazine as they produce a blotchy pattern when published due to the dot system used in the printing process.

Please DO NOT INSERT your photo into a text document. If you send the photo(s) by email, be sure to send the photo as a separate attachment in Jpeg Format and rename the photo to identify it with the article. If you are submitting more than 8 photos, please send the photos in ZIP FILE or on a CD or DVD.

We appreciate your providing materials for the INMACORDISTA NEWS-MAGAZINE.
We couldn't do it without you!

Send materials to:
  IHMC Alumni Association, Rm. 211 IHMC Alumni Office,
 54 Aurora Blvd., Quezon City 1100
E-mail to:

Advertisers and the Business Side

We enter into sponsorship agreements to further the Inmacordista News-Magazine objectives.

We see to it that we tap sponsors that enhance our brand; appeal to a targeted readership; generate funds thru advertising revenue that will ensure high visibility for Inmacordista News-Magazine.

1. The Alumni Association and the Editorial & Publishing Committee treat advertisers as fairly and openly as they treat their readers.  The relationship between US and advertisers rests on the understanding that news and advertising are separate.

2.  The Editorial and the Publishing Groups may properly confer on the layout and placement of ad materials. The groups may also work together in designing and lay-outing to make sure that the result is viable both journalistically and economically.

3. Advertising and "advertorials" (paid advertisements) must not resemble news content.

Raising Funds thru Solicitation of Ad Placement

The IHMC Alumni Association is solely dependent on ad placement solicitations to cover the printing cost of the Inmacordista News-Magazine thus,

1. The Publishing Group is tasked to solicit ad placements to cover the cost of printing of the news-magazine. Products generated thru exchange-deals in exchange of ad placements are accepted provided these products are solicited ONLY for the following official IHMCAA Events & Projects:  Medical & Dental and Feeding Program, Out-reach Programs, Operation: Shoebox and the Grand Annual Alumni Homecoming.

2.  The News-Magazine is a means to raise funds particularly for the Batch (Silver Jubilarians) hosting the Annual Homecoming.

2.1  A Fifty Percent (50%) Solicitation Fee is paid to the Association for each Ad solicited (The total printed magazines is equally divided between IHMCAA and the Batch Host)

2.2  Alternatively, the batch host (Silver Jubilarians) can shoulder the entire cost of the printing.  In which case only 10% solicitation fee will be due IHMCAA and twenty five percent of the total printed magazines.

Co-Jubilarians are entitled to 2 FREE full pages

Additional Full Page costs P 5,000.00

(Magazine & Website) Advertising & News Gatherings NO-NOs 

1.  Much as we encourage solicitation of ad placements to fund the Magazine and Website, we suggest that all staff members observe self-regulation and self-censorship in soliciting and accepting ad placements.

Much more, refrain from publishing ad materials (e.g. Liquor, Cigarettes, any form of endorsements on the subject of  birth control, gambling, etc.) and featuring offensive stories with no redeeming values that are in contrast to the teachings and core values of IHMC and IHMCAA and thrust of the Inmacordista News-Magazine and IHMCAA Website.

2.  Alumni submitting stories passing them as news but in reality are stories meant to glorify themselves and for personal gains and/or advertisements disguising as “advertorials” ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. (e.g. Those who intend to run for public office)

RULE OF THUMB:  The Editorial Team is tasked to do the research, seek and gather news-worthy materials (supported with written facts) that will cater to our readers.

Always check on the motives of the alumni submitting news stories for inclusion in the news-magazine.



The IHMCAA Website aims to increase the participation of alumni in getting involved with various activities and projects of the Association and of IHMC.

The IHMCAA deemed it necessary to maximize the usage of the official website by way of providing advertising spaces in order to generate funds for the Association.

We encourage all alumni, who have their own businesses or products to sell or promote, to take advantage of these advertising spaces that will create a direct link to other alumni who can be potential customers.  Moreover, extending special privileges to fellow Inmacordistas who will patronize their products and services can be an incentive.



1. In consideration of publication, the IHMCAA Website and its advertiser agree to indemnify and hold IHMCAA Website harmless against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising out of publication.

2.  All contents of advertisements are subject to IHMCAA Board’s approval.  IHMCAA reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position commitment if contents are found unprintable or not offensive.  IHMCAA shall not be liable for any costs or damages if for any reason IHMCAA fails to publish an ad.

3. Conditions, other than rates, are subject to change by IHMCAA without notice.  Rates are subject to change upon notice made thru the IHMCAA Website.

4. No cancellation or changes whatsoever, in content, layout, etc. may be made by the Advertiser after the closing date.   Advertisements received after the closing date will not be eligible for revisions.

5. Positioning of Advertisements is at the discretion of the IHMCAA Webmaster except where request for specific position is acknowledged, in writing, by the IHMCAA Webmaster.

6. No conditions other than those set forth on this Rate Card shall be binding on the IHMCAA Official Website unless specifically agreed in writing by the IHMCAA Board.

7. All advertisements are accepted and published thru IHMCAA Official Website on the representation that the Advertisers are properly authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter thereof. 

8. It is deemed understood that the use of the names, pictures and/or testimonials of living persons contained in the advertisements has been previously authorized and a written consent to the advertiser to use such in publication has been obtained.


FLASH / ANIMATED GIF – We accept ad materials in Flash, Extreme Animation, Video or Audio Ads. 
APPROPRIATE CONTENT – All Ads are subject to approval.  In general, gambling, dating and ads deemed to have provocative content are prohibited.
TEXT LINKS – When using a button to create text link, text should be no greater than four lines and 130 characters.


Solicitation Letters

Letters of solicitation for purposes of raising funds intended to support the events of IHMC, IHMC Alumni Association and whose ad materials will be included in the Inmacordista News-Magazine are considered IHMCAA official matters.  Whether issued using the IHMCAA or Batch’s letterhead, all solicitation letters should be submitted for approval and signatures of the IHMC Alumni President and the Alumni Association’s Sister Coordinator.  Likewise, all solicitation letters should have control numbers for auditing purposes.


Ad Placements paid in cash, gift certificates, pre-paid cards and the like entitles the solicitor to a TEN PERCENT (10%) Solicitor’s Fee.

Ad Placements

Direct all your magazine and website advertising placement reservations to:

Check Payment

All check payments are payable to: