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Who can be members?

The members of the Association are bona fide graduates (Primary, Grade School, High School and College) of Immaculate Heart of Mary College and the former Colegio de Santa Rosa.  Immediately upon graduation, the graduates are inducted as members of the Association.

Classification of membership.
Membership in this Association shall be classified into:

  1. Regular Members – Members who have completed either their elementary, secondary or collegiate academic studies in the school.
  1. Honorary Members – Those who enrolled but did not complete a course in the school and have signified their intention in writing of becoming members of the Association.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. To attend the Annual Homecoming activities of the Alumni Association.

  2. To actively participate in the Association’s various activities geared toward its Alma Mater’s vision-mission.

  3. Assists IHMC and the Alumni Association in joint projects such as the Feast of St. Louise de Marillac, Feast of St. Vincent de Paul, Career Talk, Christmas Gift Giving for the poor and other worthwhile projects.

  4. To support the Daughters of Charity’s thrust projects to respond Poverty and Hunger, Lack of access to quality Primary Education, Environmental degradation Ministry with migrants and persons living with HIV / AIDS.

How, When and Where to pay Annual Fees:
An Annual Fee of One Hundred Pesos (P100.00) is collected by the Class Representative from each classmate and will issue an acknowledgment Receipt for each donation.  All collections will then be remitted to the Treasurer of IHMCAA.  Or the annual fee may be paid during the annual homecoming events in IHMC Quezon City upon registration of attendance. Those residing abroad may deposit their annual fees to the designated bank account of the IHMCAA. (more on Annual Fees and Special Funds)




  1. All batches should choose and submit to the IHMCAA the name of their Class Representative who will act as the official spokesperson of the class or batch during alumni activities.

  2. A batch may enlist, at the most, four (4) names of classmates to represent each BATCH SECTION and work for their batch but only ONE (1) representative is allowed to officially represent his/her batch during the Board and Elections of Officers to cast his/her vote.  The official representative is also qualified to run or get elected for any position in the Board.
  1. If for a reason the Class Representative is not in a position to carry out his/her duties   (ex. He/she migrates, due to sickness, or no longer wants to be a Class Representative, etc.), the class can meet and choose a new Class Representative. They should immediately inform the Association’s Membership Committee of the change.


  1. The Class Representative acts as a conduit between the Association and his/her respective batch by updating/informing his/her batch mates and vice versa about meetings and other pertinent information.

  2. The Class Representative should keep an updated directory about her batch mates and submit a copy to the Association’s Membership Committee.
  1. The Class Representative acts as the official spokesperson and officially represents his/her batch in assemblies, meetings and alumni activities.  Likewise, makes the effort to get his/her batch mates involve in the alumni activities.
  1. The Class Representative is responsible for collecting each year the Annual Fee of P100.00  from each classmate, issuing an acknowledgment receipt from each donation and remitting all collections to the Treasurer of the IHMCAA.
  1. The Class Representative casts his/her vote during the Election of Officers done every 2 years and may as well run or get elected for any of the eight (8) slots of the Board

List of Class Representatives



The card provides a member in good standing with the IHMC Alumni Association access and is welcome in the Vincentian Family of the Daughters of Charity all over the world.


The alumni pin is based on the official seal of IHMC.  The basic design is symbolic of its meaning.  The pin reflects the meaning of IHMC which is WHERE LOVE IS SERVICE.


The Jubilarian Medal carries the image of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Patroness of our school. The medal is bestowed to the jubilarians during the annual homecoming.  The color of the ribbon differs depending on the anniversary year celebrated by the Batch.  Know more about the colors of Jubilarians   


It covers the basic information each alumnus should know, the roles of the members and the officers, the Constitution and By-Laws, suggested committees and the different project involvements of the IHMCAA together with IHMC. 



  • To order any of the above, place your order directly to the school’s Registrar’s Office or call (02) 715-0850 and look for Ms. Flor Dematera.  The Registrar’s Office will have to verify that your are a graduate of the school and are eligible to purchase the ID Card , Alumni Pin, Jubilarian Medal and The IHMCAA Handbook.

  • Payment is due at the time of ordering.

  • Orders must be placed not later than December 16 to guarantee that it will be ready for pick-up in time for the Annual Homecoming held every February. 
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