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Homecoming is a wonderful event as we welcome back our former mentors and fellow alumni.  More so, the purpose is to promote a lasting relationship of mutual benefits and assistance to the school and alumni as it seeks to involve the alumni in the work of the school and likewise to engage the school in the lives of its former students.  The purpose of the Alumni Association is to support activities and projects that will strengthen and enrich the educational and extracurricular programs of the school. These programs in turn allow the school, the students and alumni to make an utmost contribution to the economic, social, cultural and spiritual life of each and every Inmacordista.  This goal is achieved by the activities and projects of the IHMCAA.

Our intentions for giving back to IHMC may differ. Some give to assist in the school’s academic and physical resources. Others give in gratitude of IHMC’s contribution to their lives. Yet others give to take part in the life of the school through donor recognition, benefits and events. All these are best manifested through the L.I.N.K.S., the Official Campaign Offering Fund of IHMCAA.  Whatever the intentions of giving back, your contribution are sincerely appreciated. 



The task in preparing the Grand Annual Alumni Homecoming program is spear-headed by the IHMCAA Board in cooperation with the BATCH HOST.  

The BATCH HOST chores is assigned to the High School Batch who is celebrating their SILVER YEAR, also referred as the SILVER JUBILARIANS.  The expenses to be incurred for the event are shared among the co-jubilarians and the Alumni Association.  The biggest portion is shouldered by the Batch Host.  Soliciting of sponsors and donors, organizing fund raising activities are encouraged to augment expenses.  

The Jubilarians are represented by anniversary gemstones.  Each gemstone is designated a color to represent the color of the ribbons of the Medals bestowed to all Jubilarians. 


      Anniversary Years            GEMSTONE    RIBBON COLOR

75 years                                 Diamond                    White
70 years                                 Sapphire                    Dark Blue
65 years                                 Spinel                         Royal Blue
60 years                                 Diamond                    White
55 years                                 Emerald                     Green
50 years                                 Gold                            Golden Yellow
45 years                                 Sapphire                    Dark Blue
40 years                                 Ruby                           Red
35 years                                 Coral                           Peach/Orange
30 years                                 Pearl                           Pink
25 years                                 Silver                          Light Blue



“All hail alma mater, all hail the pink and blue…”

The pink and blue are the colors of our Alma Mater and the colors associated to  Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Patroness of our school.  To promote school spirit, all alumni are requested to wear pink or blue proper and modest attire during the homecoming event.  Except for the Jubilarians who would opt to wear the color of the gemstone they represent.

The 2010 Grand Annual Alumni Homecoming
February 20, 2010

Hosted by Silver Jubilarians, High School Class of 1985
Together with co-Jubilarians

Class 1950            (60 yrs)  Diamond Jubilarians
Class 1955            (55 yrs)  Emerald Jubilarians
Class 1960            (50 yrs)  Golden Jubilarians
Class 1965            (45 yrs)  Sapphire Jubilarians
Class 1970            (40 yrs)  Ruby Jubilarians
Class 1975            (35 yrs)  Coral Jubilarians
Class 1980            (30 yrs)  Pearl Jubilarians
Class 1990            (20 yrs)  Platinum Jubilarians
Class 1995            (15 yrs)  Crystal Jubilarians
Class 2000            (10 yrs)  Onyx Jubilarians




The 2009 Grand Annual Alumni Homecoming
February 21, 2009

Hosted by Silver Jubilarians, High School Class of 1984
Together with co-Jubilarians
Class of 1949, Diamond Jubilarians
Class of 1954, Jade Jubilarians
Class of 1959, Golden Jubilarians
Class of 1964, Sapphire Jubilarians
Class of 1969, Ruby Jubilarians
Class of 1974, Coral Jubilarians
Class of 1979, Pearl Jubilarians



The 2008 Grand Annual Alumni Homecoming
February 16, 2008

Hosted by Silver Jubilarians, High School Class of 1983
Together with co-Jubilarians
Class of 1953, Jade Jubilarians
Class of 1958, Golden Jubilarians
Class of 1963, Sapphire Jubilarians
Class of 1968, Ruby Jubilarians
Class of 1973, Coral Jubilarians
Class of 1978, Pearl Jubilarians


The 2007 Grand Annual Alumni Homecoming
February 17, 2007

Hosted by the Silver Jubilarians, High School Class of 1982
Together with co-Jubilarians
Class of 1957, Golden Jubilarians
Class of 1962, Sapphire Jubilarians
Class of 1967, Ruby Jubilarians
Class of 1972, Coral Jubilarians
Class of 1977, Pearl Jubilarians